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Hand Tied Extensions are a custom service, sewn into guest’s natural hair with minimal to no damage.
They are perfect for any guest looking to add length, body, thickness, or expand styling possibilities.
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How long will the extensions last?

Hand-Tied extensions are sewn in using REAL human hair. If taken care of properly, the hair will last over half a year. However, we encourage guests to schedule every 6 weeks to have them moved up and adjusted.

Can I have this done in one session? How long does the service take?

This can be done in just ONE session! After you’ve been in for your consultation, we can schedule an appointment!

How is this different than other types of extensions?

These extensions are the most natural looking and easy to take care of. Other types of extensions need to be replaced frequently or are easy to notice.


Is this feasible if I live an active lifestyle?

YES! Exercise is completely fine! This type of extensions can be put in pony-tails or braids and STILL be undetectable.

Does everyone do this service?

We sent three staff members to Las Vegas to take an advanced training class. Kirsten, Sammi Bruns, and Chris Dittberner perform their service. (links to their bio’s are below)

What will it cost?

Everyone’s service is priced depending on their hair goals! For accurate pricing, we suggest scheduling a complimentary consultation!


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